'Food & Wine' iPad App: Better Than the Magazine!

Food & Wine AppHave you ever been in the middle of whipping up a recipe, only to spill something all over it, which smears the ink, tears the paper, and causes it to become illegible?

I have and it sucks. I was left with a whole bucket of cookie dough once and used it to make boring chocolate chip cookies instead of the delicious-sounding Chocolate Thumbprints that I was aiming for.

I've since started using my iPhone for recipes, but it's so hard to see the instructions as I'm juggling the teaspoons of cumin and cups of oil that it makes it about as useful as a soiled paper recipe.

So what's a recipe-dependent gal to do? Enter the iPad.


I have yet to hop on the iPad bandwagon, as it always seemed a little pointless to me unless you were really into games or hated old-fashioned books. But after hearing about the Food & Wine app, I'm thinking about adding it to my Christmas list.

It was created by the same genius folks that bring you the print magazine, and it basically is a virtual representation of the mag, only better. It heightens the magazine content to a whole new level.

Food & Wine AppExample: For their wine issue, which you can currently download for free (future issues will cost approximately $3.99), they shot 10 bottles of wine for the print-version, but all 100 bottles for the app. And you can click each bottle of wine individually to learn about food pairings and the recipes that go along with them (and this is when I did my no-paper recipe happy dance).

Streaming videos, recipes, beautiful photography ... what's not to like (besides the price tag of the iPad)?

Do you have an iPad? Would you use this app?


Images via iTunes.com

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