What Do Wiccans Eat? Tang and Carvel, Of Course

pumpkin bread
Pumpkin bread:innocent treat or witches' food?
I'm not saying Christine O'Donnell is a witch because clearly she isn't. Sure, she wears a black dress and plays creepy music against a gloomy background in her new video. But she is not! A witch!

But suppose Christine O'Donnell were a witch ... what would she eat?

Do Wiccans have special food? Are they really into eye of newt, and if so, where do you get eye of newt in Delaware? Or, you know, anywhere in America? Not that there are more witches in Delaware than anywhere else. What do witches eat?


I've been perusing that font of totally accurate information, the Internet, to learn more about Wiccan food.

Not surprisingly Wiccans love brewing their own teas, especially medicinal teas. I see nothing sinister on these ingredients lists, just herbs you can get from any garden or health food store. But hold on, here's a recipe for Friendship Tea that includes Tang orange drink. TANG? Since when does an industrial processed beverage bring anything but evil spirits?

The Cakes and Ale Ceremony is an important way Wiccans thank the gods for their blessings. It's actually a meal that follows a Sabbat ritual -- you know, kind of like coffee and Entenmann's after Christian services.

Like other religious people, Wiccans like to include seasonal foods in their holidays. For example:

  • Samhain, the witches' New Year and our Halloween: mulled cider and pumpkin bread
  • Ostara, the spring equinox celebrating fertility: anything with eggs
  • Yule, the winter solstice: chocolate Yule log cake, you know, like the kind that Carvel makes ...

There are no official food restrictions for Wiccans though meat eating is controversial. However, it's very important that whatever you eat, you offer prayers before enjoying.

Does any of this look familiar? Of course it does -- many "Christian" holidays come from ancient Celtic celebrations. It seems when it comes to food, Wiccans and the rest of us have a lot in common. So maybe Christine O'Donnell was right when she said "I'm you." Wiccans are just like us! Not that Christine O'Donnell is a witch. Because she's not.


Image via JSPatchwork/Fickr.

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