McWedding Reception: Every Girl's Dream Come True

mcdonald's weddingEvery little girl dreams about her perfect wedding day complete with a dazzling designer dress, shiny ring, gorgeous flowers, delicious McRib wedding buffet, apple pie wedding cake, and a soft drink toast.

Not convinced? Just you wait: Fast food receptions could be the newest wedding trend if the concept proves to be as popular here as it is in Hong Kong ...


Responding to requests from about 10 engaged couples per month, McDonald's is now hosting wedding receptions at its Hong Kong locations. Talk about a wedding on a budget -- fast food celebrations will only set the happy couple back hundreds of dollars (versus thousands).

The one drawback? Well, save from having to choose between a McNuggets vs. Big Mac feast, the McReception doesn't include some customary wedding party amenities, namely an officiant (obviously) and alcohol.

The concept is particularly attractive to those couples who had their first date at a McDonald's location. And hey, this way they won't have to stress themselves out thinking about a theme; the colors are already picked for them (red and gold, duh).

Plus, if there's any truth to the recent revolting Happy Meal stunt, the "memories" really could last a lifetime.

I'm all for saving money, modest celebrations, and doing whatever it is that the happy couple wishes for their big day. Buuuuut, there's something rather pedestrian about this whole idea that doesn't match with the very un-pedestrian union I'm about to celebrate.

In other words, going to McDonald's on my lunch break? Okay! Going to McDonald's for a wedding reception? I need more convincing. Maybe a milkshake would help.

What do you think of a McReception?


Image via Ben Frederericson/Flicker

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