Get Drunk on Sugar With a Halloween Candy Bar!

Halloween candy bufffetWant to blow everyone away at your Halloween party this year? You’ve already put together exquisite Pottery Barn-esque decor and fabulously unique lighting. But it’s time to step up the game just a little bit further.

You definitely can’t offer up the dreaded dry, sticky popcorn balls or Mary Janes that you found in that bag in the closet from last year.

No no, this year go for a candy bar. A whole buffet!

It sounds like a lot of work, but it's surprisingly easy to put together. And of course you can pick and choose which elements you want to include, making it more or less elaborate as time (and energy) permits.


I'm a sucker for a cohesive look, so I start with my candy, picking items that are in Halloweeny colors -- mostly black and orange -- but some gooey eyeballs as I see fit. If you have a giant candy store locally, go there. I am a big fan of Candy Warehouse. They seem to have everrrrything.

Setting the Scene

There are so many ways to decorate your candy bar.

1. Start with the table covering. Using inexpensive vinyl tablecloths works just fine. Or try out some cool wrapping paper or tissue paper. If you want a little extra oomph, try adding a Halloween ribbon fringe.

2. The centerpiece is next. You can simply use a large candy jar with a bouquet of lollies spilling out if you want. Or, slide your Halloween tree over to the table. Prop it up on a box so that it’s high enough to be a focal point. If you’ve got an old dollhouse around, turn it into a very haunted centerpiece.

3. Don't forget the area above your table. You could miss a fantastic decorating opportunity! Lighted lanterns could hover above, with swooping crows and dangling spiders. Make orange and black poms to hang at varying heights.


1. Pick up a bunch of different glass vases and clear vessels at places like Oriental Trading Company, IKEA, and the Dollar Store, which often have these for next to nothing. Don't hesitate to grab a glass candlestick and glue it to the bottom of a bowl to create some height. Mix in a few Dollar Store plastic garden urns and cake stands, spray painted black. And don't forget items you have on hand: gift boxes painted black, martini glasses, totes, tins. Just go from room to room and see what might be used to hold candy. For items you don't want to paint, wrap them in tissue paper or a couple layers of black tulle with a ribbon.

2. Dress up the glass containers with scary gel clings, dribbling "blood" (use a clear silicon or caulk colored with food coloring) on the rims, or even grab a couple skeleton hands to grasp the base of the glassware.

3. If you don't want to take the creepy route, find some really cute Halloween ribbon to tie around each jar. Paint on polka-dots or use a frosting spray paint to create the look of etched stripes.


No one will turn down a mini-Snickers, but the candy bar will have so much more visual impact if you stick with a few colors, like orange and black. Wholesale candy stores are ideal for this. Lollipops packed into a jar of candy corn not only look good, but the candy corn holds up the pops. You can use a similar technique with anything on a stick. Lengths of licorice look fantastic blooming out of a tall glass cylinder. Don’t forget a coffin-shaped box to hold all the skeleton gummies!

You can supplement the candy jars with themed cupcakes and other Halloween delicacies, including a jar just for the kids, full of novelty toys.

What would your candy bar look like?


Image via Lady Spleen

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