Pink Chicken Nugget Goo: Not as Bad as You Think!

mechanically separated chicken

Last week we learned the tale of how chicken nuggets are made -- one story with legs that ruffled a few feathers! (Badump bump.) Dr. Chris Raines, Extension Meats Specialist and Assistant Professor at Penn State University in the Department of Dairy & Animal Science, wrote his own meat goo post to say not so fast, you elitist sustainable food hippies. He has three news flashes for those of us grossed out with this process:

1. Mechanically separated meat is not what goes into chicken nuggets! It's what goes into some hot dogs and "value-brand" meats.

2. It's pink because it's still raw, duh.

3. Meat goo and other "recovered-meat" paste-type products are actually a great option for ethical meat eaters because it uses more of the whole animal.

So according to Dr. Chris, processed meat = sustainable food. Cue spit take.


Regarding No. 1, how is that less gross? And regarding No. 2, fine, I'll give you that. But let's talk about that "sustainable use of animals" bit. Here's what Dr. Chris says:

The likelihood of every individual meat eater opting to buy a whole chicken carcass as opposed to boneless breasts or chicken tenders is nil -- that means something happens to the bones.

So yeah, according to Dr. Chris because too few of us ever get around to buying a whole chicken, roasting it, and using the bones to make soup, we're going to be faced with funky processed meat products 4-evah.

Maybe we get the meat we deserve?

Let me just remind you that we have already shown you how brain-dead easy it is to roast a whole chicken (P.S., you can skip steps 2 to 5) and make your own chicken stock. And we also just wrote about Cheap Healthy Good's 1 Chicken 17 Meal Challenge.

You know what? I'm throwing down the gauntlet. I'm roasting a chicken and making stock every single week through the month of October. I was planning on doing that anyway, but I just want to make this official: roasting a whole chicken every week is my way of giving the finger to our effed-up food system. Screw you, brave new world of chemical-laden processed parts paste! I'm keeping it real.

Who's with me?

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