Don't Be a Farmers Market Cliche

Have you ever noticed that people who shop local tend to look alike?

farmers market uniform

That's exactly the point of this graphic from My Burning Kitchen, which pokes fun at the stereotypical farmers' market customer. (Click through to see the lower half of her farmers' market uniform and accessories.)


I can personally attest that most of the women shopping at farmers' markets in Chicago and New York look exactly like this. Plus, they're either carrying a yoga mat or one of those collapsible market tote bags. (And all the men are scruffy with bicycle helmets.)

In fact, I myself am guilty of sporting this garb when I pay a visit to the market; therefore, I'm beyond offended that I -- and people like me -- would be the subject of such mockery. In our defense ...

First, can I help it if my yoga class just happens to always immediately proceed and follow the farmers' market? (Thus, the Lululemon yoga pants and mat and eco-friendly stainless steel BPA-free canteen.) You want me to be comfortable and hydrated, don't you?

As for the sunglasses, I need something to shield my face while I spend hours searching through the hundreds of varieties of heirloom tomatoes.

The reusable recycled bag is perfect for holding all my farmers' market produce (which by the way is all individually packaged in little plastic bags for freshness!).

And, of course, the farmers' market is the perfect place for my dog. She has to eat organically, too, doesn't she?

Do the women at your farmers' market look like this?


Image via My Burning Kitchen

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