Unappetizing Pumpkin Dishes We'll Pass On, Thanks

light pumpkin custardI love pumpkin pie. I love pumpkin bread. I love pumpkin ale. I even love a good pumpkin risotto. I just don't love pumpkin in everything. Especially since flavor and taste is only one part of the appeal of a dish -- it also has to look good. And let's face it, cooked pumpkin is not the most attractive ingredient around.

There are some real creative chefs and home cooks out there, and lately I've been stumbling across all kinds of foods made with, seasoned with, or accented with pumpkin. While I commend them for branching out and trying new things, some pumpkin combinations are a little, well, off-putting.

I'm not the bravest taster in the world, and maybe I'd change my mind if I gave these dishes a sample, but here's a collection of pumpkin dishes I found recently that just SHOULD NOT BE ...


Starting with the Light Pumpkin Custard above. I'm not a huge fan of custard anyway, but if I do eat it, it can't look like chunky peanut butter. Maybe it's the "light" part that's throwing me (or making me want to throw up). Forgive me, but that brownish hunk does not look airy nor does it look orange. It just looks ... brown.


pumpkin gelatoI don't know, I guess I feel that pumpkin should be warm, or at least room temperature, or even slightly chilled, but definitely not ... frozen, as with this Pumpkin Flavored Gelato. Reminds me too much of sticking my hands into the cold jack-o-lantern to scoop out the goop. Yuck.





Seashells. Pumpkins. Pumpkins shaped as seashells. I guess I just don't get the theme behind this Pumpkin-Cranberry Torte. And the combination of pumpkins AND cranberries, surrounded by all that super sweet tofutti frosting. I guess my tastebuds aren't feeling it ... and no way are they tasting it.

pumpkin cranberry tort










I LOVE sweet and sour anything -- chicken, beef, pork ... but pumpkin? The gourd supplies the sweet part of this Asian inspired Sweet and Sour Pork and Pumpkin Stir-Fry. I'm actually tempted to try this... but it's almost a little to homogenously brown ... and now I'm thinking about that custard again ...

pumpkin pork stir fry
















And lastly .... would you eat a Pumpkin Burger? Okay so this is just a super creative art project. Even though the meat, tomato, lettuce and cheese look real, this is not something that you'd actually eat ... or is it?


pumpkin burger













Would you try any of these pumpkin-themed dishes?


Images via WorththeWhisk/Flickr; Miss Karen/Flickr; NorwichNuts/Flicker; jetalone/Flicker; jelene/Flickr

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