Celebrity Food-Themed Halloween Costumes (But No Meat Dresses)

Michael JacksonOkay foodies, I know the idea of processed candies are probably driving you crazy as you race around your kitchen to come up with a gourmet version to pass out to the trick-or-treaters on Halloween night, but one thing you don't have to stress about is your costume. If you're a fan of food and pop culture, just combine the two for a hilarious costume combo.


Michael Jack in the Boxson: Just like last year, we'll probably several versions of Michael Jackson roaming the streets, so put your own food spin on the popular costume. I'm thinking a giant Jack head (who's creepy enough on his own), paired with a single sequined glove and some amazing dance moves.

Pears Hilton: Channel your inner socialite with a blond wig, chihuahua in a purse, and stilettos. Then attach pears (real or fake) all over your body. That's hot.

Paris Hilton

O.J. Shrimpson: Football jersey, knife, and gloves. Then make it deliciously funny by shrimp to the outfit. But please keep the shrimp fake -- no one wants to smell like seafood

O.J. Simpson

Kanye Wurst: Always seemingly in the news, whether it's for his public outbursts or his annoying tweets, Kanye West will likely be a popular costume choice this year (again). So throw on a pair of these shades and dance around in a bratwurst costume for your own unique version.

Kanye West

Tuna Melton John: Buy a velvet blazer from your local Goodwill, glue some sequins and Chicken of the Sea and Kraft labels on it for a Tuna Melton John outfit.

Elton John

Which of these are your favorite? Have any food-celebrity combos? (And FYI, Kevin Bacon is a given).


Images via Foodlebrities.com

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