Tackiest Tablescapes From Sandra Lee (Your Eyes May Never Recover)

I love Sandra Lee. I really do.

But sometimes her decorating style makes my eyes smart. Her tablescapes, in particular, look like someone puked up the clearance section of a craft store.

sandra lee

That's why I was shocked to read that the 13 tablescapes from the latest season of Semi-Homemade will be auctioned off for charity.

Now charity is never ever something to make fun of ... but these tablescapes? Well, that's a whole different story ...


sandra lee

Ordinarily, I'm scared of clowns, but in this case they're by far the least frightening thing on this Birthday Tablescape. In fact, is there actually a table underneath all that crap? Because all I can see is tacky. And with all those dots, it's beginning to remind me of one of those autostereograms that you're supposed to stare at -- but instead of seeing a 3D image pop up, you simply get a splitting headache.


sandra leeSee, the great thing about a Thanksgiving Tablescape is that you can take advantage of fall's bounty and decorate your table with natural materials (pumpkins, gourds, leaves, flowers, etc.). But, apparently, Sandra prefers to use as much plastic as possible.


sandra lee

I have no earthly idea what is going on in this photo. I've attempted to banish the image from my memory, but it's forever burned on my inner eyelids.


sandra lee tablescape

So. Much. Lavender. This is Sandra's Cocktail Party Tablescape -- a fitting description seeing as how you want to drink a cocktail just to make it all go away.

Images from FoodNetwork.com

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