The Sexiest Foods You've Ever Seen

phallic parsnipMany foods are sensual. They titillate our senses with their tantalizing scents and textures, seduce us with their flavors, and satiate us with their volume.

Some serve as aphrodisiacs when eaten before sex, and others are used during sex ... or so we've heard. 

But there are other foods that just scream SEX when you see them.

Check out these sexy edibles that give food porn a new meaning:


Never found parsnips desirable before? Check out the beauty above.


Not to be outdone, this carrot is enough to make even those who do it like rabbits blush.

sexy food

This may make you want to skip dessert. Waiter!

rude tomato

Would it be too Lorena Bobbit to chop it off?

male plum

This plum doesn't look quite ripe, but it's ready ... for something.

What's the sexiest food you've ever seen?

Images (from top to bottom) via: fireflies604/flickr; Jo Jakeman/Flickr; scillystuff/Flickr; lana_aka_BADGRL/Flickr; and podknox/Flickr

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