Body Part Halloween Recipes Too Disturbing to Eat?

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brainsThe best and most memorable Halloween parties that I've been to are the ones where all the guests go all out with their costumes and the food and drinks are so gross and twisted that you actually throw up in your mouth a little. Or dry heave at the very least.

Take, for instance, the Bleeding Brain (pictured right) in all its squishy-sloshy-jiggly glory ...

It's guaranteed to stop even the least squeamish guests in their tracks. Anyone else now trying to get that scene from Silence of the Lambs out of their head? Visit our friends at Kitchen Daily for the recipe and see how they cleverly hid a mess of bloody guts (strawberry preserves) inside: When you cut into it, the blood spurts and oozes out all over the plate. Cool!


vampire punchIf you think the mouse bread is bad, check out this item, which also contains a foreign substance. Unsuspecting (adult) guests will be innocently helping themselves to Vampire Punch when all of a sudden -- AHHHHHHH! -- a hand floats by. (It's the classic ice hand made with water and a glove in the freezer.) The punch is actually way more blood-like in real life. How to get a bright red color? See for yourself.




cauliflowerIn keeping with the blood theme, there's also Cauliflower Blood Brains resting on a pile of blood and guts. Making this dish look as life-like as possible is key to grossing-out your guests.







What's your favorite gross-out Halloween recipe?


Images via Kitchen Daily

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clean... cleanaturalady

Gross.  I don't like scary food.

Carey... Carey2006

Not really a Halloween one but that cat box dessert with Tootsie Rolls as poo always grosses me out!

momof... momoflilangel

I can't do it or eat it. gross

Lians... Liansmommie

I recently posted a recipe for chilled brains but that cauliflower rocks! Personally I don't do icky food but I know with some people it's major hit.  Here is a link to our recipes, The Food Booth Chilled brains, body bits dip, severed hand punch and a grisly eyesortment are all in there. Along with spiders, worms and slime in lots of colors. Major ICK!!! but wildly popular. I have to find the catbox thing!  I will never eat a tootsie roll again. =D

Leesh... Leeshamak

Ummm... one of the MANY reasons Halloween is not so much my fave holiday:( Ewww....

Beths... Bethsunshine

A doctor I used to work for made a Jello mold in the shape of a brain once for Halloween!! He was a little off kilter, to say the least, LOL!! I don't like Jello anyway, so I didn't eat it.

bibdy... bibdybobdyboob

I don't have a gross out one but my kids love when I make a meatloaf that is molded in the shape of a monster.  We cut strips of carrot for claws, nose, eyes, etc...

frysh... fryshannon34

I like the punch one the others are too gross form me

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