Lifestyles of the Rich and Not-So-Healthy

champagneWith money you can afford to buy the best, but it turns out many of those who can afford it aren't buying what's best FOR them when it comes to food and drink.

Two recent reports show just because you're a high roller doesn't mean your health is a high priority.

The first looked at the fast food purchases of consumers over the last year. If you've noticed  more Mercedes and Land Rovers in the drive-thru line, that's because the fabulously wealthy have been flocking to fast food recently.

The American Express study found that in the second quarter of this year, the super-rich (those who charge $7,000 more on their card per month) ate 24 percent more fast food than last year despite improvements in the economy. That's a lot more french fries!

Guess what else they're spending their money on?



According to a report from NPR on binge drinking, people who earn more than $75,000 per year are most likely to engage in the extreme behavior (defined as more than four drinks in a  "few" hours for a woman, five for a man) -- 19 percent of them do.

They found binge drinking was the least frequent (12 percent) among those with the lowest incomes -- below $25,000

It makes sense, because alcohol is expensive. But what's surprising about both of these revelations is that while the wealthy generally have higher levels of education and access to all the healthy fare and choices, they're making some not-so-smart decisions.

Haven't you ever thought if you just had more money, you'd buy more produce or work out more because you could afford a great gym or personal trainer? Turns out, you might be eating Burger King and sipping wine instead. 

Poverty is often blamed for poor eating habits as well as alcohol and drug abuse. But perhaps money isn't the reason as much as we might believe, and the rich and poor aren't so different after all.

Regardless of money, many tend to put their health second to what they enjoy eating and drinking ... regardless of the financial cost or the cost to their health.

Are you surprised by how much fast food and alcohol wealthy people consume? Do you feel like you would eat and drink healthier if you had more money?

Photo via ori2uru/Flickr

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