'Mad Men' Cocktail App Lets You Play Bartender

Mad Men cocktail appWhy is it that bartenders always seem so hot? A guy can just be so-so looking, but if he's behind that bar, shakin' that martini shaker, and pouring me a cocktail, his hotness factor rises about 10 degrees.

Which I think is why most of us secretly have this urge to play bartender ... even if it's in the comfort of our own home and we're making hubby an old-fashioned, Don Draper-style.

Draper and the rest of the Mad Men folks definitely enjoyed their alcohol, so much that I wouldn't be surprised if the names Vodka and Gin showed up on the cast list. Their love of booze has led to creating a bartending app (99 cents) that puts you behind a virtual bar, mixing your favorite '60s cocktails and quasi-living out your bartending fantasies.

So you ready, bartender? Let's make some drinks!


Step 1: First you select the kind of drink you want to make. I went with a classic martini.

Mad Men cocktail app

Step 2: Decide if you want to be graded as a novice or expert. Since I used to be a bartender several years ago, I went with expert. If you choose novice, they let you know when you select the wrong liquor or have a misstep. For experts they just deduct the points.

Mad Men cocktail app

Step 3: Select your container, then your liquors. You virtually pour the liquors and mixers by tipping your phone (cool!). But pay attention, these bottles don't have stoppers. So for the martini, I selected my martini shaker, added ice, and "poured" in the gin and dry vermouth.

Mad Men cocktail app

Step 4: Depending on the drink, you can shake, stir, muddle, or blend. So, I shook the martini shaker (achieved by shaking the phone), added a garnish of olives (piercing them on the screen), and strained into the martini glass.

Step 5: Get scored. I got an 84 on my first try with the martini (need to practice on my virtual pouring!).

Mad Men cocktail app

Step 6: Time to enjoy your cocktail concoction! Bottoms up (tip glass). I had a rough day, so I drank mine pretty fast.

Mad Men cocktail app

Does this app sound fun to you? What's your favorite cocktail? 


Images via Brittny Drye

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