'Top Chef Just Desserts': Seth Leaves, Insanity Persists

top chef just dessertsAfter watching yet another emotional episode of Top Chef Just Desserts, I'm wondering if these contestants are going to be able to cut it. There's so much drama, countless fights, buckets of tears. Even the seemingly more stable contestants have their share of mini breakdowns ... let's take a look, shall we?



Breakdown #1: The show opens on a very serious note when Seth Caro -- set off by some missing paper cups -- has an anxiety attack. The paramedics are called, he's sent home. The cast is relieved to see him go, and other than that, not much is said by way of explanation as to what happened to him. Here's what host Gail Simmons wrote on her blog about his unexpected exit:

"... Seth is a super-talented pastry chef, and I wish him all the very best for his future."

What's going on Bravo? What are you hiding?

Breakdown #2: Morgan cries not once but twice during the Quickfire Challenge in which the chefs are tasked with creating the ultimate sundae each using a different flavor of Breyers ice cream. He made a sundae using mint chocolate chip ice cream and Oreo cookies -- his son's favorites -- and called his dessert "Sunday" in honor of the day each week that he gets to spend with his son. It's actually quite touching especially when he wins the challenge (and immunity). The lesson here: Breakdowns aren't always so bad.

Breakdown #3: And speaking of breakdowns, let's bring back Heather C to replace Seth because she was so stable the first time around! (And is anyone else pissed that once again we have two Heathers and it's impossible to keep track of them?) For the Elimination Challenge the chefs are split into teams of three and must create a total of four desserts (including one flaming one) and a dramatic show piece -- all inspired by a performance of the Lucent Dossier Experience (which is sort of like a burlesque Cirque du Soleil with fire and sword-swallowing). Heather C has a bad case of the nerves and pisses everyone off, especially her teammates, with her whining, crying, and general lack of confidence.

Breakdown #4: Usually calm, collected, and focused, Heather H is anything but in this episode. First, she yells at Heather C (see above) and then she yells at her team leader, Morgan, for sticking her with a dessert and the show piece. Chill out, woman: Your team won after all!

Breakdown #5: Despite having one of the best desserts of the night, Malika asks the judges to send her home. She misses her sons and hates competitive cooking. It's a disappointing exit, but it's not like we didn't see this coming, right?

What did you think of last night's episode? Were you shocked to see Malika go?

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