3 Snack Tips to Avoid Blowing Up Like a Balloon

snack tips for healthy eatingI've recently started stress eating, which is so not cool. Sitting in front of the computer or television, I can put away an entire bag of cheesy popcorn without even noticing my left hand has been occupied for the past 15 minutes.

That's all about to change.

I'm taking my health into my own hands now and am using anything I can to trick myself into stopping the madness.

Tip 1: Yum Yum Dishes


Yes, they sound cute and fuzzy. But these little bowls that measure four ounces each have made me stop before my butt has expanded past the edge of the couch.

Tracy Adler created Yum Yum dishes ($22/set of four) to help monitor your portion sizes. She was looking to fit back into her pre-pregnancy jeans and, as a restaurant owner, knew that portion could count more than content in many dining establishments. Bonus -- her blog offers delicious snack recipes that won't make you realize you're getting a tiny (aka normal) amount of goodness.

Tip 2: Going Out for Ice Cream

We're giving up ice cream for a little while, but knowing we'll come crawling back for more dairy, I've come up with an active solution. No ice cream allowed in the house. If we want it, we take the whole family and walk a few blocks where not one, not two, but three ice cream parlors await our arrival. (Of course, we won't be hitting all three --  most of the time.) This way we have to really want it, to get the toddler and pre-schooler all bundled up and out the door, and we walk off some of the calories there and back.

Tip 3: Girls' Night Out

While I'd love to convince my girlfriends to join me in a beer and nachos fest, this night out will be for my daughter and me. We both love special treats, and about once every six weeks or so, we go eat wherever she wants as a reward for good behavior. Now I'll make sure both she and I behave -- then head off together for some grazing at our favorite outdoor food market and grab whatever treat we want.


Image via Yum Yum Dish

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