Decoding the Twitter Cookbook: Recipes in 140 Characters or Less

Eat Tweet cookbookI find just relaying a simple thought in 140 characters challenging, but it takes real skill to tweet an entire recipe in the limited space. But Twitter foodies have long been sharing their favorite recipes in short-hand, and amateur cook Maureen Evans got so good at it that she created the first ever Twitter cookbook, titled Eat Tweet ($14.95).

I'm not versed in Twitterese cooking, so reading these recipes are like reading code to me. Let's see if you can guess what these seven tweeted recipes make:


1. Mince6anchovyfillet/garlc; +t grndmustard/½c olvoil. Whisk+egg/lemon. Toss+lrg romaine/½c parm/3c crouton; +lem/s+p to taste.

2. Stir6yolk/2c milk/½c sug&honey/¼t salt in bainmarie until thick. Chill; +2c crm/T vodka. Freeze5h(mix1x/h) or use machine.

3. score 6lb peaches; blanch,peel,slice. Chill+6c sug>8h. Boil; fill6 16oz jars w slices. Boil syrup>220F. Fill jars; boil10m.

4. beat ¾c flr&h2o/3T oil&wtwine/yolk/s+p. Cvr h; fold+whipdeggwt. Stuff 12flwr w 12t mozza; dip in battr. Deepfry~2m.

5. heat6c stock/⅛t safron. Brwn onion/5oz dicesausage/3T buttr; +12oz penne. Gradually ladle in stock@med to aldente. Top w parm.

6. Heat4c Stock. Heat,stir c arborio/T buttr&oil@med; +½c wtwine; +½c Stock until absorbed. Rpt~8x over~24m. Mix+½c parm/s+p.

7. steam 2lb tater30m; peel,mash hot. Knead on flrdboard+¼t salt/~1¾c flr for softdough. Roll,cut⅔"²; pat w flrdfork. Boil to float+m.

Don't worry, if you want to buy the cookbook, there's a dictionary to help you translate the short-hand code (tst = toasted). But no cheating on these (answers below)!

How many tweet recipes did you translate correctly?


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1. caesar salad, 2. honey ice cream, 3. peach preserves, 4. fried zucchini blossoms, 5. golden penne, 6. risotto, 7. gnocchi

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