Big Macs and BMUs: Celebs Trade Fine Dining for Drive Through

in-n-out burgersI always thought fast food was cuisine for people who are short on money and short on time -- you know, us regular folks. But guess who else loves fast food these days? Rich folks.

According to an American Express survey, the "ultra-affluent," people who charge over $7,000 a month on their credit cards, spent 25 percent more on fast food this year than they did last year. Spending on fine dining is up for these people, too, but not nearly as much as for fast food.

So ... have you ever seen Bill Gates or Warren Buffet at the drive-through window of Wendy's? Me neither -- they probably send their drivers. But plenty of merely medium-rich celebrities get caught eating fast food. Let's see who eats what!


Britney Spears and boyfriend Jason Trawick spent Valentine's Day this year at McDonald's. Alas, the relationship didn't last much longer after that. Maybe Jason should have taken her somewhere nicer? Brangelina have been spotted a few times at the golden arches as well -- two weekends in a row last summer.

The Bachelor newlyweds Jason Mesnick and Molly Malaney were seen buying Burger King and Starbucks at the airport. (Then again, you don't have a lot of options at most airports.)

Nicole Richie claims, "I have a healthy household. I'm very conscious about what goes into mine and my family's bodies." But she also admits, "I can't resist Taco Bell." Neither can her ex-BFF Paris Hilton, who was seen recently ordering a supreme taco and soda.

Robert Pattinson may enjoy human blood on camera, but in real life it's In-N-Out Burger for him. Maybe In-N-Out is a hot guy magnet? Orlando Bloom eats there, too.

Facebook founder and youngest billionaire ever Mark Zuckerberg is known to love fast food. The actor who plays him, Jesse Eisenberg, prefers Subway. Does Subway count as fast food?

Are you seeing more BMWs and Mercedes at the drive-through these days?

Image via In-N-Out Burger

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