The New Fast Food: 5 Balanced Meals Found at the Drugstore

There's more than just chips and dip.

Having one of those days where you forgot to bring a lunch to work? Did you run out of the house without enjoying the day's most "important meal" or forget to buy something for dinner tonight?

No worries, all you have to do is go to the drugstore.

Yup, it's true. You really can find all the ingredients for a quick and easy meal -- and pick up your prescriptions -- all in one place. You just need a little guidance.

Check out our five suggestions for a marvelous drugstore meal at any time of the day:



Breakfast #1: Balanced and delicious. Add a plastic spoon and you're in business.  Not only can you grab your goods at the drugstore, but you can also skip the vitamin aisle by finding a protein-packed juice. Forgetting breakfast is starting to have it's benefits. In fact, I may forget more often.


Breakfast #2: Anything with cashews is the best meal ever in my book. Full of "good fats," and not to mention super-filling, this meal with give you the bang for your buck and keep you feeling satisfied way past lunchtime. Who knew donating toward breast cancer research could be so tasty? I'll buy two, please!


Lunch #1: These Jif To-Go peanut butter containers are the perfect thing to keep in your desk drawer, and super scrumptious when scooped with pretzels. Soups, like this one, are ready in a jiff (pun intended) and generally come in a ton of varieties.


Lunch #2: The grown-up version of Lunchables. If the box says "gourmet," then who am I to argue? Stack the four extra chip bags next to your peanut butter and you now have a mid-afternoon snack for the entire week. My mother would tell me I'm being resourceful.


Dinner: OK, so it isn't exactly ready-to-eat. But simply boil some water, make your pasta and toss the rest of your canned items (sans containers) in a large skillet for a delicious family-ready dinner in under 15 minutes. Oh, and some other advice: Maybe avoid using the entire bottle of crushed red pepper, too.


Were you surprised by our drugstore finds? Do you have any good ones of your own?

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