R.I.P. Loud SunChips Bag

sun chips

From the Obituaries section:

The biodegradable SunChips bag died on October 5, 2010 after annoying consumers by being way too loud. It was only 18 months old.

Born in 2009 to Frito-Lay with the best of intentions, the bag was made from plant material that was 100% compostable -- it completely decomposed in an active compost pile within 14 weeks.

The bag went on, however, to utterly infuriate consumers with its high-decibel, crinkly-crackly noisiness and gained a notorious reputation for being rather deafening.


Notable achievements include being louder than lawnmowers, the New York City subway, and even jet engines.

In the end, ear drums won out over the environment, and Frito-Lay announced it was retiring the bag for five of its flavors while it works on a new quieter yet still eco-friendly version.

The bag is survived by the Original SunChips bag (Frito-Lay is keeping the noisy packaging for this flavor) and a Facebook group called "Sorry But I Can't Hear You Over This SunChips Bag."

The Sun Chips bag will likely not be missed.


Image via Frito-Lay

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