Find the Food of Your Dreams With a Click

nachosThe other night I took my man out for a fancy foodie event celebrating gazpacho. The heirloom tomato soup was gorgeous and delectable but, you know, it was tomato soup. We left hungry -- hungry for something unrefined, a little meaty, and a lot cheesy. We left hungry for nachos.

I grew up eating a certain kind of nachos in suburban Colorado: tortilla chips piled with re-fried beans, gobs of melted cheddar cheese, salsa, sour cream, and jalapenos. In that order. Guacamole is a bonus. So imagine my dismay when we went to the Southwestern restaurant at the end of our block, ordered the nachos, and witnessed Crimes Against Nachos.

The black beans were un-mashed. There were no jalapenos. And there wasn't nearly enough melted cheese.

Where could I find the nachos of my dreams, I wondered (whined) desperately. And then I remembered: Foodspotting. The good people on Foodspotting could tell me!


Foodspotting is a new app/website that lets you share photos of food from restaurants. There are no restaurant reviews or nutritional information -- just a picture of the dish so you know exactly what you're getting. If you love a dish you've found on Foodspotting, you can vote for it, and if a dish gets enough votes, it gets a blue ribbon, or a "nom." (As in, nom nom!) You can also create guides, which brings me to my nacho quest.

Right now my favorite guide on Foodspotting is The Ultimate Trail of Nachos in NYC. Who are these people, tasting and photographing all the nachos in New York City -- just for me? I don't know, but thanks to their guide, I now know that I need to get myself to Rachel's Taqueria ... but I'll have to bring my own pickled jalapenos. I also know which nachos will just make me cry.

Oh these hip young people with no children and time to pursue nachos! We don't eat out much (Because! We have to pay for a sitter!) so I probably won't ever get around to posting pictures on Foodspotting. But I love that somewhere, out there, people are scouting out the best dishes all over the world.

Foodspotting is FREE for everyone and it's all over the world, but since it's new, there may not be Foodspotters in your city yet.


Image via RussellJSmith/Flickr

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