Out With Bacon, In With Edible Dirt

bacon cupcakesI'll admit it was with some satisfaction that I read the news that bacon may be on its way out as a fanatical foodie fad. (I like fatty pork as much as the next person but not in my cocktails and definitely not on my cupcakes -- enough is enough!)

But I'm not so sure I'm so excited about the next food trend that might be just around the corner ...


An article in Time claims that edible dirt may be the newest -- not to mention oddest -- fad to take the culinary world by storm.

Now, before you turn your nose up at the very thought of mud for dinner, consider this: It's not actual dirt, you know, like from the backyard; rather, it's dried or charred ingredients that enhance the earthiness of upscale menu items.

For example, a restaurant in New York serves a "soil" made of mushrooms atop its strip loin steak and an "ash" made of charred onions in salad. And, a San Francisco restaurant serves dried onion soil with pickled radishes and goat milk cheese.

Essentially, the concept of edible dirt is taking the whole idea of celebrating where our food comes from -- the land -- just one step further.

And when you put it that way, it sounds like a really novel, cool idea.

In fact, I'd try it once or twice. I'm just not sure I want it showing up on top of my cupcakes.

Have you seen edible dirt on the menu yet?

Image via rfduck

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