Mouse Bread: Don't Look if You Want to Enjoy Your Next Meal

mouse found in bread
Stay Out of My Bread, Mickey
And here I was worried about the new E Coli strains.

A father in England was making sandwiches for his daughters when he thought, Hmm, that bread looks a little lumpy. I wonder what -- oh for the love of Jesus! Is that fur? Are those teeth? Oh, Mary Mother of God, NO!

Or at least I assume that's what he thought when he saw a mouse baked into the loaf of bread. Yes, baked into the loaf of bread -- as if it were an ingredient.

Do you want to see it?


You'll have to check out the AP photo, but trust me, if you want to keep down your next sandwich, you're going to want to steer far away from this photo. My husband actually sobbed when I forced him to look.

This mouse bread photo made me think that going vegetarian might not be as easy as I thought, what with the animal pieces showing up in food all over the place. But I can think of a few worse things I'd never, ever, ever want to see in my food. They are:

bloody tampon

live snake


my own finger

poop (animal or human, although human -- totally worse)

Other than those items, I'm pretty sure having a dead mouse in your freshly baked bread is as disgusting as it gets.

Really, what would be worse?


Image via Joe Shlabotnik/Flickr

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