Play It Snooth: Hard to Find Wines at the Touch of an App

snooth appYou know how when you're in a bar and a song comes on and you're all Oh my god, I looove this song! and then you Shazam it and BAM, you're able to instantly download it onto your iPod?

Well, the Snooth app is kind of like that. Only for wines.


You can either search for a wine by name (free version), or if you go the high roller route ($4.99) you can simply take a snapshot of the bottle's label and search that way.

The app will instantly pull up stores in the surrounding areas that carry your wine of choice, plus price comparisons.

Now, when giving this baby a trial run, I didn't want to throw just any ol' Merlot at them. No, I wanted to make this a challenge. So I took a photo of an Arbor Mist Pinot Grigio White Pear (please don't judge why we have this). Try and find that Snooth! Gas stations and airports don't count!

snooth app

By golly, it found it! It instantly pulled up stores from towns in the area that I had never even heard of (I don't get out of the city much) with pricing and direction info. Touché, Snooth, touché.

Ooo, and it's $4.99, which is as much as I paid for this application! Bargain!

I feel this app would come in handy the most during those fancy dinner dates. You don't want to be the asshole picking an empty bottle over your tiramisu in a sad attempt of peeling the label off, just to take it home as a reminder that that wine was friggin' good (I have a whole folder of labels at my apartment). Come on, do you really take the half torn label to a wine store, show it to an employee and say, "I want THIS one!"? No! But with this app, you can store the information in the app, or what I like to call my virtual wine cellar, and you don't look like the Edward Scissorhands of wine coming into a store with 15 labels stuck all over your fingers. Genius!

Would you use the Snooth app?


Images via Brittny Drye

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