Burgers and Heroin: A Fair Comparison?


Would you feed your child a burger?

If you answered yes, then here's the next question: Would you give your child heroin?

According to an Australian advertisement, it's one in the same.

Just when I thought I'd seen it all ... Is it just me, or are dangerous, addictive drugs in a whole different spectrum than unhealthy food?

In the Precinct Studios community service announcement "Breaking the Habit," a mother walks into a room with a brown paper bag, and sits down at the table next to her son. As the son colors away (he has a great technique, grasping the crayon and definitely not staying in the lines!), she removes several items from the bag -- including a cotton ball, a syringe, a spoon, and an old gum wrapper filled with "heroin."

My blood begins to really boil as I watch the woman proceed to heat up what is supposed to be the heroin substance on the metal spoon with a lighter, glancing at her son, and then sucking up the liquid into the syringe.

Just when you think the worst has come and gone, the mother ties a black piece of cloth on her son's upper arm, preparing him for the injection, and tucks a white napkin into his shirt neck.

Then, the son picks up a hamburger and takes a huge bite.

The ad ends with the question:

"You wouldn't inject your children with junk. So why are you feeding it to them?"

Is this real?!

While I understand the Australian spot is trying to make a point, there's a HUGE difference between giving your child an addictive narcotic and feeding them a hamburger.

Is the mother to blame for feeding her kid a burger? Sure. But regular-sized hamburger from McDonald's is only 250 calories and 9 grams of fat. Not a "lethal" amount for a meal, if you ask me. And certainly not as dangerous as an injection of heroin.

Maybe we should point the blame for rising obesity rates somewhere else. After all, isn't it the fast food companies that are constantly enlarging portion sizes and adding calories? (Take the snack size revolution, for example. Every chain from McDonald's to Dairy Queen is making snack size versoins of their classic favorites, the Angus Snack Wrap and the mini Blizzard. The problem: these "snack" alternatives often have just as many calories, if not more, than the originals.) Why let the fast food companies off the hook scott-free?

Tying up the child's arm and insinuating that he's about to be injected with heroin by his mom is taking the message just a tad too far for my taste.

Take a look at the ad here:

Do you think this advertising company gone too far?

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mindi... mindiemoore

They went waaaaaaay too far with this ad.

nonmember avatar Allboys

Yeah they went about a mile and a half over the line. I highly doubt the free range beef we cook up and serve on the whole wheat buns is what should be considered comparable to heroin. I think it's a shame they think it's so easy to manipulate women. I find it highly offensive that any marketing strategy would try to use mommy guilt in an attempt to force me to feed my child healthy meals instead of using those advertisement dollars on solid facts and data. Or how about they use that money to investigate then sanction the food industry for their abysmal treatment of animals.

Kimberly Virga

WAYYYYYYY too far... holy shit. Don't even know what else to say! A burger, comparable to heroin?! Even if it was the fattiest burger ever?! NO.

clean... cleanaturalady

Seems a bit over the top to me.

starl... starlight1968

oh PULEASE... I refuse to watch the ad(s) that are THAT stupid.  People have brains and they are treating us like we are idiots.  If I want to feed my kid a burger then I damn well will.  I don't feed her crap 24/7 she does it healthy too and fast food is a TREAT... lord I hate adverts like these.

nonmember avatar Thom

I disagree with this statement:
"Just when I thought I'd seen it all ... Is it just me, or are dangerous, addictive drugs in a whole different spectrum than unhealthy food?"

Burgers are not good for you, and that's well accepted. They are considered "junk food" and can do irreparable harm to the human body, especially young children who need real nutrients.

Why do people eat/feed their children burgers? Because they "taste good".

Heroin is incredibly bad for your body. But why do people use it? Because it "feels good". There really isn't a huge difference, besides the fact that burgers are actually a perversion of food, which we do need.

Don't think you are being the voice of reason calling out this ad. You're really just defending an equally awful addiction.

Sandy Burgess McClay

No! They are not going too far. I am a food addict and yes, I can get control of it, but I am constantly baraged by ads and such that tell me "fast food is good"....ever see the movie Supersize Me? See that and then tell that fast food is not addictive!

Debra Fauvor

Gee, how to approach this? One simply makes you over weight and the other makes you look 50 when you're under 30. Gee, that's a close one.

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