Help! I'm Going Vegetarian

how to go vegetarianMy husband and I have been debating going vegetarian ever since our daughter was born and I felt funny giving her meat. Even though we both agree it's a good idea for health reasons, environmental reasons, and (me, more than him) ethical reasons -- it's still hard to give up the T-bone.

As of October 1, we're going veg for the month, to see if we feel better, to promote a healthy lifestyle for our kids, and honestly just to see if we can even do it.

Luckily the world wide web offers up many suggestions, and I'm trying to come up with my own helpful motivations that will keep us on track throughout the month.

So far I've got five tools to help me through October, six if you count Halloween candy.

They are:


Vegan Yum Yum

Listen, I'll never give up my dairy. But Vegan Yum Yum offers so many amazing recipe options, I won't be lacking for great meals to make at home next month. I'm especially excited about whipping up her spicy lemon pepper pasta with broccoli, and I'm pretty sure this will wind up a dinnertime staple if we keep to the veg or not.

Farmers' Market Overload

I live in California where the produce blows my mind every day. Stocking up on loads of fresh fruits for snacking and dark green vegetables for my meat sub will play a crucial role in maintaining this healthier diet.

5-Day Vegetarianism

As a girl who loves her steak (and had anemia during both pregnancies), I'm a lot anxious about getting plenty of iron-rich foods. So already I'm looking for a way around this whole no meat thing. If the founder adopts a weekday vegetarian lifestyle, then I'm not going to feel bad about indulging in a bit o' meat on the weekends. Until I watch Babe again, then I'll cry and feel guilty.

Cutting Out the Chicken

I have a few go-to recipes, like my favorite recipe for chicken and chickpeas over couscous. I never felt the chicken added a lot to the Indian-inspired dish, so we'll make it without. I can also sub tofu for chicken in my recipes without much drama.

Eat Out

Somehow eating food that has been prepared for me seems like it will make up for the lack of meat. Of course this means eating out with kids in tow. Which means I'll stress eat. But hey, at least it won't be three pork tacos I wolf down while worrying the people next to us want to put a muzzle on my toddler.

Do you have any fantastic suggestions to go and stay veg?


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