Eric Ripert & Gordon Ramsay: Do Nice Chefs Always Finish Last?

eric ripert gordon ramsayGordon Ramsay's scream-in-your-face style of reality show hosting is bringing the chef some negative attention this week after a former Kitchen Nightmares contestant was found in the Hudson River. Joseph Cerniglia was the second reality show contestant to commit suicide after appearing on TV with Ramsay, and people began to question if Ramsay's nastiness could have played a part.

Fellow celebrity chef, Eric Ripert may not be blaming Ramsay for either Rachel Brown or Joseph Cerniglia's deaths, but he's not exactly showing support to the angry reality show host either. Earlier today Ripert tweeted his thoughts on Ramsay's lack of decorum:




Nothing personal against Gordon Ramsay but he is a poor inspiration for professional chefs in his shows.Who perform better scared,insulted?

I have my bad days to but always try to improve. TV or not it s no excuse!Ultimately I believe in the goodness of Gordon but he is very wrong

Ripert later tweeted that he was not referring to the suicide. But it was a general, hey dude, be nice.

Of course a lot more people know who Gordon Ramsay is then Eric Ripert, the nice French chef of Avec Eric. Ramsay's abrasive personality has a lot to do with his fame, and is probably how he got multiple television shows. Not that you can't be nice and succeed. (Tim Gunn being my favorite nice guy host.)

Still, food shows can be boring without an explosive personality. Hell's Kitchen might have never been without the guy who made it hell.

Did you tune in to see Ramsay flipping out on people?

Image via Le Bernardin

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