Don't Dis My Pomegranate! 7 Wild Ways to Use It

The pomegranate juice Pom Wonderful has been making headlines lately -- not because of the health benefits of the juice, but because of the CLAIMS the company has made about those health benefits.

At issue is whether the liquid inside the cool, curvy bottle can really protect your heart and lower rates of certain types of cancer.

In the wake of this controversy, it might be tempting to swear off pomegranate juice forever ... or at least until the health benefits have been verified. But ... I'm here to say that, health benefits or not, there are plenty of good reasons to try out pomegranate juice if you've never been tempted before. (It even gets Bobby Flay's seal of approval in this recent tweet: "Mesa Grill NY special-Pomegranate Greyhound margarita w/ El Jimador Teq, Trip Sec, Pom Juice, Fresh Gfruit Juice, w lime wheel & pom seeds.")


But pomegranate juice isn't just for drinking. Did you know you can use it to coat chicken? Or serve it as a side dish?

Behold 7 wonderful new ways to use pomegranate juice:

Stir it. And jazz up a side dish with Pomegranate-Glazed Carrots.

Mix it. And make rice more interesting with Pomegranate-Apricot Brown Rice.

Freeze it. And serve a unique dessert with Pomegranate Gelato.

Bake it. And shake up your average cake with Pomegranate Sheet Cake.

Congeal it. And never go back to plain old boring Jell-O ever again with Pomegranate Gelatin.

Reduce it. And never look at chicken wings the same way again with Red Hot Sticky Wings.

Combine it. And give your chicken pizza some pizazz with Pom-Chipotle Chicken Pizza.

Heat it. And turn dinner into dessert with Pom Pomegranate Gnocchi With Pomegranate Chocolate Ganache.

Image via JOE MARINARO/Flickr

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