Tired of Chicken Soup? 5 Other Foods to Soothe the Sick

chicken soup
Seriously, best chicken soup I've ever tasted.
Which is great because I'll be eating it for the next two weeks.
Since the kids have been back in school for a few weeks, swappin' germs along with crayons, all those microbes have had time to stew and are now in full-blown attack mode. As a parent, you've probably already had to deal with sniffley noses, maybe even catching a bit of it yourself.

I don't even have kids, yet, I've spent the last few days laying on my couch watching bad movies such as Crossroads (remember that awful attempt at making Britney Spears a movie star?).

Of course, I made some homemade chicken noodle soup (which was ah-mazing if I do say so myself), but one can easily get all souped out -- especially if one makes as much soup as I did. So, here are some other foods that I found to be soothing when you're sick.


Smoothies: Not only will the coldness taste good on your throat, but plain yogurt is packed with good probiotics and fruits such as oranges are packed with vitamin C to help fight off the sickness. Coconut milk is another good additive, since studies show that it's anti-bacterial, anti-viral, and anti-microbial.

Garlic & Ginger: Being sick probably means you can't taste much, but these two ingredients have such a strong aroma, adding them into your foods will bring your tastebuds back to life. I added a ton of garlic to my soup (still trying to get the smell off my hands), and fresh ginger to my tea (along with a sprinkle of brown sugar).

Hot & Sour Soup: You're able to taste the heat from the chilis and the sour from the vinegar, and the spiciness will help clear sinus congestion.

Simple Foods: Toast, ginger-ale, and crackers are the go-tos if you have an upset stomach.

Popsicles: Growing up, whenever I was sick, my mom always gave me popsicles. It eased my sore throat and, in my little girl mind, it had magic powers (and color totally mattered, purple was not magic!). To this day I still enjoy them when I'm sick. If popsicles aren't your thing, ice cream makes everyone feel better!

What are your favorite foods to eat when you're sick?


Image via Brittny Drye


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