What Your Shopping Cart Reveals About Your Life


grocery storeYou can tell a lot about a person by simply looking at the contents of their shopping cart.

A basket overflowing with good bottles of wine and fine, fancy cheese signals you're in the presence of a food snob (walk, no run, away!), while one stocked with organics indicates you've got a health nut on your hands (is that worse?). And, a cart filled with gallons of ice cream and bags of chips means someone's not at all afraid to indulge.

It's fun to judge others based solely on their grocery lists. That's exactly why we ventured into a real-life supermarket to look at the contents of grocery carts and see what they revealed about their (anonymous) owners' lives and personalities ...






The next time you pay a visit to the supermarket, ask yourself this probing question:

What does your shopping cart reveal about who you are?

shopping cart

A cart stocked with Jell-O, Trix, salad dressing, hot dogs, white rolls, heavy cream, and butter means only one thing: You are fearless. You laugh in the face of high fructose corn syrup, fat content, and animal connective tissue -- MUHAHAHA! But after you are done living life on the edge, you like to clean up -- thus, all the Oust. Oh, and you are a huge Kelly Ripa fan (Tide stick). In fact, just judging from the contents of your shopping cart, you would probably be best friends with my mother.



shopping cart

Easy there, friend. Let's leave some healthy food for the other customers! Seriously, you should receive an award for all the nutritious foodstuff in your cart -- whole grain bread, tofu, apples, oranges, oatmeal. I bet you even eat the USDA recommended daily amount of fruits and vegetables and have the body and skin to prove it. You know what? Your perfect basket filled with perfect food is really starting to annoy me right about now -- or at least making me hate myself. What in the world is that yellow thing?



shopping cart

You, shopping cart owner, are truly an enigma. You keep most of your personality hidden but there are some things we do know about you. Judging from the amount of liquid in your cart, you are more than hydrated. You have a cat and at least one child of diaper-wearing age. And apart from liking chicken and Eggos and cookies, you seem to be a bit spatially challenged: Why cram everything in the front compartment when there's so much room down below?



shopping cart

You can buy White Castle sliders and corn dogs at the supermarket?!?!?! I declare you, friend, to be the smartest person on earth!



shopping cart

You're either a sugar addict of the most dangerous kind, president of your school's bake sale, or Betty Crocker's secret shopper. You're not at all afraid of doctoring up store-bought products and calling them "homemade." It would be best for everyone involved if you married a dentist.

What does your shopping cart say about you?


Images by Emily Abbate


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cafemama cafemama

Funny post! What IS that yellow piece of produce? Squash? The bottom cart has it too - it must be on sale this week.

MomIWant MomIWant

LOL!  I'm bring something to cover my cart the next time I go shopping! LOL

hotic... hoticedcoffee

I think that's a spaghetti squash.

The last cart made me nauseous...it was the frosting and canned soup that did it....

xavie... xavierlogan09

we buy corn dogs and lots of frozen foods i love to cook but my df works late so when he gets home he just wants something easy and fast to eat. i thought the first cart was someone with children. because of the jello,trix,and hot dogs. those foods are what children eat. i hope the last cart is for a bake sale. otherwise i feel sorry for that person's teeth and gums.

Fallaya Fallaya

Typically, my grocery cart contains diet soda, lo calorie frozen meals, fat free microwave popcorn, low fat yogurt, goldfish crackers, 1% milk, whole wheat bread and a handful of other things.  

sodapple sodapple

lol, my shopping cart changes from time to time so it could mean all of the above lol.

nonmember avatar Monzie

We're a mostly vegetarian household and I cook a lot from scratch, so my cart looks a lot like #2 but with more fresh produce and dairy products (my husband and son are cheese and yogurt junkies). By the way, the "yellow thing" is a spaghetti squash...

LoriA... LoriAnn87

my son loves cheese and pizza since those are always in my cart.

Cafe... Cafe Sheri

This is hilarious!

jagam... jagamama0710

LOL! Too funny. I'm ashamed to admit that I look in other people's shopping carts and judge too. lol I also cook mostly from scratch so it'd be similar to #2 with more produce.

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