Eat Your Beer!

fried beerBeer, it's not just for kegs, cans, bottles, and buckets anymore.

It's moved beyond the tap into a whole new territory -- food.

While many have tried to warn that man can't live on the beverage alone, now more than ever they may be wrong.

Behold these nine ways that you can have your beer and eat it too:

1. Fried Beer It was inevitable really, since everything from Twinkies to tomatoes have found themselves sizzling in grease, but it took just the right guy to actually figure out how to do it. Beer is poured inside a salty dough, sealed in a ravioli-like pouch, and fried. When you bite in, beer oozes out. You must be 21 or older to eat it.


2. Beer Ice Cream Earlier this month, Slash Food reported on the Denver Beer Ice Cream Fest, which served up flavors like Smoked Porter S'mores and Maple Pale Ale.

3. Beer Candy Straight from England, you can order Pint Pots -- beer-flavored jelly candies shaped liked little beer glasses, complete with foam and everything.

4. Beer Hopsicle Not just some drunk guy's creation, this is a real menu item at Diablo Royale Este restaurant in New York. It's basically sweetened beer served in a sawed off beer can. 

5. Beer Butt Chicken This surprisingly tasty dish requires you to shove a can of beer up a chicken's derriere before roasting.

6. Beer Soup One of the best and most traditional ways to eat beer is in soup -- from chili to chowder -- it adds a distinct taste. Nowhere is beer better savored than in a good beer cheese soup.

7. Beer Cheesecake This recipe calls for a full bottle along with the traditional ingredients and some raisins.

8. Beer Potatoes Cheesy, gooey, beery? These Beer-Baked Scalloped Potatoes are sure to make your diners buzz with excitement.

9. Beer Donuts Who says beer isn't for breakfast? Whip up a batch of these and get your brew on early.

What's the best way you've ever eaten beer?

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