6 Pop-Tart Creations to Rot Your Teeth

pop tarts

It's difficult to imagine a more wondrous yet under-appreciated processed food than the unpretentious Pop-Tart. The toaster treats are best known for satisfying nostalgic cravings and sending our blood sugar levels into a downward spiral. However, they are surprisingly versatile as well -- acting as a sweet, lowbrow canvas for a variety of delicious creations that will have you rushing to the nearest dentist.

Here's a roundup of our favorite dishes featuring Pop-Tarts as the star:



Pop-Tart Ice Cream Sandwich

Pop-Tarts get little respect as a breakfast food -- nor should they. Really, they're just large, flat cookies (albeit tasty cookies) available in a variety of flavors -- most of which defy nature. But what do you do with cookies? You make ice cream sandwiches with them, of course.

I love the idea of Frosted Chocolate Pop-Tarts sandwiching peppermint ice cream (shown here); however, such combinations as S'mores Pop-Tarts with Rocky Road ice cream or Pumpkin Pie Pop-Tarts with vanilla ice cream sound dangerously tempting, too.

pop tart ice cream sandwich


Pop-Tart Popsicle

Man Eater took the Pop-Tart Ice Cream Sandwich one step further by adhering it to a stick. It's particularly notable for its excellent use of Hot Fudge Pop-Tarts.

pop tart popsicle


Pop-Tart Quarter Pounder

The folks at Serious Eats, cleverly recognizing Pop-Tarts' potential to enhance savory dishes, fashioned together this delicacy featuring Brown Sugar Cinnamon Pop-Tarts and a McDonald's Quarter Pounder. Mmmm. Pickles.

pop tart quarter pounder


Pop-Tart Sushi

The new Pop-Tarts World Cafe in New York wowed -- disgusted? -- customers with Pop-Tart sushi: a fresh combination of crumbled Strawberry Pop-Tarts wrapped in a Fruit Roll-Up.

pop tart sushi


Pop-Tart BLT

Apparently, meat sandwiched between two Pop-Tarts sounded so very tempting that the folks over at Slate thought they would give it a go .... Behold: The Pop-Tart BLT. It's so wrong, it's right.

pop tart blt


Apple Strudel Breakfast Bake

Finally, this Apple Strudel Pop-Tart Breakfast Bake -- made with sausage, apples, eggs, and cheese -- is either the best idea of all time or the most vile creation on the entire planet.

pop tart breakfast bake

What do you think about these Pop-Tart creations? Brilliant or disgusting? Have you ever made anything with Pop-Tarts?

Images via oskay/Flickr; Rakka/Flickr; Serious Eats; redwingx/Flickr; Man Eater/Flickr; Slate; Pop-Tarts.com

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