Cake Doodle Signals Google's Entrance Into Puberty?

google cake doodleNotice something different about your Google page this morning?

The latest Google "Doodle" is a birthday cake created by 89-year-old Los Angeles painter and pop artist Wayne Thiebaud to celebrate Google's 12th birthday.

However, there seems to be some confusion as to what is actually being celebrated on this particular date ...


In years past, Google has "celebrated" its special day on several different dates in September. Today, techies are scrambling to discover what is so special about this specific date in history.

Allegedly, September 4, 1998 is the date the company was founded. But September 15 is the date on which the domain,, was registered. Finally, September 27 (today) is the date Google was first incorporated 12 years ago.

It's difficult to keep track of so many momentous days in the life of our fond Internet browser. It seems that Google -- like so very many of my friends -- wishes to celebrate its birthday all month long: One day just isn't enough. And, as large of a part that Google plays in my life, I think I'll just have to agree.

Happy Birthday, Google!


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