Jerk Saves Lady Gaga's Dress

meat dressSo yeah, that meat dress Lady Gaga wore to the VMA awards? It was real all right. But what happened to it after the party was over? Did she fold it up neatly in butcher paper and put it back in the refrigerator? Did she eat it? She didn't just throw it away, did she?

The dress lives on!

Designer Franc Fernandez announced Friday that the dress is being turned into jerky. Usually to make beef jerky you remove as much fat as possible, rub the meat with spices, and then dry out the beef in a dehydrator or a very low oven for a few hours. I'm guessing Franc skipped the spice rub.


Then the dress will be stored in the "Gaga Archives." What is the "Gaga Archives"? Wouldn't I like to know! Is it a bank vault designed by California Closets in Van Nuys? Do they put the jerky dress in plastic before hanging it next to the silk and plastic bubbles? Inqiring minds want to see this archive.

At any rate, Lady Gaga will never wear the dress again, and Franc says he's not going to make another meat dress. “This was made for a specific purpose. It’s what it is.” He tells MTV that he is excited to see what the jerky dress looks like after a while.

When it is brought out again, hopefully it will be in a retrospective, and it will be a different dress, which is the best thing. I like the idea of it changing and evolving into something else. My butcher said I could taxidermy it if I wanted it to stay the way it is, and I didn't want to stay that way. Seems like a waste to keep it that way, than to watch it change.

I never thought I'd hear someone wax this poetic about beef jerky. Then again, I never thought I'd see a dress made out of meat.


Image via MTV

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