Chocolate Milk Is Hot -- So There, All You Dairy Haters

During the Season Two premiere of the Emmy-winning sitcom Modern Family, one of Manny's friends suggested he add a little salt to his chocolate milk to intensify the flavor. His mother (Sofia Vergara), playing the role of an overbearing mother terrified of "losing" her son to another girl, pretends she doesn't like it and then later admits it was "delicious."

The following day, the Internet was abuzz as a result of a scene with Vergara stirring her milk in a low-cut top. It didn't cause quite as much drama as Katy Perry's now-cancelled Sesame Street video, but there was definitely chatter, fueling interest -- at least tangentially -- in chocolate milk.


It's no wonder Hollywood seems smitten with chocolate milk lately -- National Chocolate Milk Day was earlier this month. And, earlier this year, R&B singer Ginuwine was named the spokesman for Adult Chocolate Milk, alcohol-spiked milk that enables you to, "Re-taste your youth. At 40 Proof."

He's not the only one. Apolo Ohno has his own Chocolate Milk campaign in the "Got Milk?"-series. And a number of other celebs have been spotted out and about with chocolate milk or have professed their devotion to it: Blake Lively grabbed a chocolate milk on the go; Jesse McCartney said he's a fan; and Angie Harmon celebrated chocolate milk as the official drink of Halloween last year. Plus, not TOO long ago, Hollywood was talking about the Chocolate Milk Diet.

What about you? Do YOU still drink chocolate milk? How about with a little salt?

Image via eelke dekker/Flickr

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