Trend We'll Ignore: Low-Alcohol Cocktails

cocktailYes, you read the headline right -- and no, it's not some cruel joke (and if it is, I'm totally flying to San Francisco to kick someone's butt). Apparently, low-alcohol cocktails are the new thing in San Fran's trendy bars, which means it will probably quickly make its way (quickly because it hasn't had a lot to drink) across America. 

Less booze means more cocktails meaning more money. I'm sticking to beer!


Okay, so there's a reasoning behind the trend that goes beyond my partying ways. It's for those cocktail connoisseurs that enjoy a good drink but don't want the calories, rapid buzz, or full feeling.

It's like booze tapas!

Instead of using the hard stuff like vodka, gin, and whiskey, bartenders are switching to more dainty alcohol such as wines, vermouth, and sherry.

Guess I'm too much of a lush to appreciate an "appertif" cocktail. Just sounds too hoity toity for my taste. Give me a Bud Light and I'm a happy camper. But it is good that they're giving options for those that like the drinks simply for the taste (huh? Drinking just for the taste? What's that?) and would like to have the option to consume more than just one beverage without risking complete inebriation. Or for those of ya'll that are lightweights ... now you can keep up with the rest of us, yay!

Would you prefer cocktails with lower alcohol content?


Image via Rob Ireton/Flickr

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