Did Bill Clinton Go Vegan?

bill clinton veganIt's all making sense now. The dramatic weight loss, the longing in the former president's eyes ...

Rumors have been swirling that Bill Clinton may be ill, facing a death sentence even. Judging by his appearance on last week's Daily Show, I too was wondering about his health. Clinton looked thin, pale, and old.

However, Mr. Clinton is actually healthier than he has (probably) ever been in his life.

Bill Clinton is a vegan.


In an interview with Wolf Blitzer, Clinton described his new diet, or "experiment" as he called it. Clinton said he eats plants, no dairy, and very rarely fish.

Okay, so maybe not a vegan by the strictest terms. Eating fish disqualifies you, as does eating eggs, and eating any byproducts such as bread that was created with any animal byproducts. Even though a diet of plants and no dairy is very close to the definition of vegan, President Clinton never said, "I'm a vegan." Purists should thank him.

We knew Chelsea supported the green, PETA-endorsed lifestyle. So much so her wedding was a vegan paradise. What we didn't know is how much her dad was on board. As a result, he lost 24 pounds before Chelsea's wedding. Of course looking good at the wedding wasn't his goal. Staying alive to see his grandkids is more important to the former leader of the free world.

Clinton described what happens when you must have a stint in order to live, and it's pretty clear a healthy diet is a key part in keeping him around for many years to come.

So number 42 is going veg.

Do you think Bill Clinton will be a fantastic ambassador for vegan-ism?


Image via sskennel/Flickr

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