Starbucks Discriminates Against Diva Customers

starbucksYou know who you are.

If you typically order your coffee drink using more than three words in a language not your own, then you most certainly qualify as a high maintenance, diva customer. And guess what? Starbucks hates you.

How else would you explain the fact that the company is jacking up the prices of drinks that are "larger" and "more time consuming to make," while its regular coffee and espresso drinks will remain the same? If that's not discrimination I don't know what is.


The company announced Wednesday that it's forced to raise prices (the second time this year) due to the soaring cost of labor and coffee beans.

But we all know that's just fancy speak for: "Your complicated orders are pissing us off. Get lost."

Here are the drinks that likely annoy Starbucks baristas the most:

1. Extra hot Venti non-fat triple-shot one-pump vanilla caramel macchiato with extra foam double-whip easy on the caramel in a tall cup: People who order like this give us normal customers a bad name.

2. Cappuccinos: Think about it: How frustrating to spend so much precious time and energy making tasty ... foam, which is just a fancy term for air, right?

3. Frappuccinos: The worst of all the offenders, the Frappuccino requires so much blending and measuring of ingredients -- and all for a weak, sugary iced coffee beverage that, frankly, tastes better at McDonald's.

And don't think you can avoid the price hike by making your own at home: Packaged coffee sold in grocery stores will increase in price, too.

Are you a coffee diva? Will you still buy Starbucks if it costs more?


Image via idogcow/Flickr

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