'Jersey Shore' Ron-Ron Juice Recipe (Secret Ingredient Revealed!)

Ronnie from Jersey ShoreThe infamous "Ron-Ron Juice" is a cocktail that a shirtless Ronnie always preps for the Jersey Shore gang before a night of fist-pumping and smooshing. But what exactly is in that "root of all evil"?

We were introduced to the joooce in Season 1, being a fruity blend of watermelon, cherries, cranberry juice, vodka, and ice.

(Yes, those muscle-heads apparently enjoy their fruity chick cocktails.)

But during a recent appearance on David Letterman, Snooki shared a secret ingredient that has never been revealed ...


"Ron Ron Juice, it messes you up," she shared. "It's vodka, watermelon, blueberry, cherries, and maybe some Jäger. You have to [get drunk before you go out]. You can't go to a club sober."

Jägermeister!!! Well that explains a lot -- Jäger would definitely "mess you up." Ugh. It's making me sick just thinking about it (I had a not-so-great experience with Jäger in college, now I can't look at the stuff without my stomach churning).

If you're willing to give the hardcore juice a try, keep in mind its effects:

  • There's a high chance you'll go all crazy bitch on everyone in sight.
  • You might smush with someone you wouldn't normally smush with. Like a grenade. Or your roommate.
  • Fights will happen. It's a guarantee.
  • You might hook up with someone of the same sex. Even though you're straight. Whoops, did not see that last night.
  • After all that sugar, I'm willing to bet the hangover the next day is the equivalent to feeling like you're dying.

Also remember that, according to the Snooks, protocol for properly drinking the Ron-Ron Juice is starting at 8 p.m.


Would you try the Ron-Ron Juice? How about with Jäger?


Image via MTV.com

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