Cats That Are Good Enough to Eat

cats you can eatGrab your morning coffee and enjoy a nice tasty breakfast of cat. No, I didn't sit down with the guy who tried to marinate his cat. Instead I'm getting super-hungry after repeatedly watching this cat = croissant morph video.






But wait, it's the Internet, so there's more. Want some coffee with that croissant?


Coffee Cat

This little guy is just a total a-hole until he's had his morning coffee. That's why he has to mainline the beans.

Cat That Eats With a Fork, Chopsticks & Spork

Tessa the cat eats at the dinner table, so it's only proper that her owner teach her how to dine in a civilized manner. But how does one decide to teach a cat to use a fork? Well, it all started when Faye's kids left home ... of course it did.

Banana Slug Eats Like Cat

Okay, so it's not a cat. But cat food is involved and I've never actually seen a banana slug so I just had to share this disgusting video. Please feel free to fast-forward as 6 minutes is a crazy long time to watch something that probably takes 6 hours to move 2 inches.

Image via ansik/Flickr

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