Give McDonald's a Break!

mcdonald's morgue adI'm no fan of McDonald's. Mostly because I believe they could do some real good if they led the fast food industry in demanding meat be processed humanely and safely, and tried cutting out the disgusting additives, fat and sodium in their food.

Of course then they couldn't charge 99 cents for menu items.

Still, I don't think one corporation deserves all of the blame for what's wrong with American food. Even though I wish McDonald's would stand up and truly serve the millions of Americans that stop in each day by changing the ingredients in their food. I know it's a pipe dream, but the optimist in me believes it could happen. Someday. Probably after I'm dead.

A vegan advocacy group wants some changes right now, not after they're dead. So they are targeting McDonald's in a new ad campaign that urges us to go vegetarian. (Let's just assume they want us to go vegan -- but are taking baby steps.)

But I think the Physician's Committee for Responsible Medicine went too far.


McDonald's isn't healthy. If you eat a steady diet of Big Macs, you will die earlier than if you did not. But to imply eating at McDonald's will kill -- that's not really playing fair.

Again, I don't eat at McDonald's, and I hope my children don't sneak it when they're away from me, but if they do -- they are not going to die. Moderation is important here, and no one is meant to eat fast food regularly. No one is meant to eat corn on the cob from your garden every single meal. That would cause some health problems as well.

I do believe educating people about healthy food, including vegan-ism, is important. I do believe reducing meat, or cutting it out of your diet is a healthy way to start. But blaming McDonald's for a young man's death? It's so untrue that it becomes ineffective.

What do you think about this anti-McDonald's ad?

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