Welcome Fall With Food, Pumpkin Beers & More News

pumpkin beerIt's finally officially fall (though I've been treating it as such for a good three weeks now), which is, personally, my favorite season. There's my birthday (on Sunday!), Halloween (best holiday ever), Oktoberfest, hayrides, pumpkins ... need I continue? To start your fall season off right, here are some fall food-related links:

  • I always like to welcome a new season gastronomically (I use the big word because, when put that way, it doesn't make me feel as much like a fatty fatty pork chop). Here are 10, yes 10, amazingly delicious ways to welcome fall. -- Yum Sugar
  • Pumpkin is one of those flavors that tends to only appear in the fall months. Enjoy your pumpkin pie and lattes, but don't forget the pumpkin beer (pfft ... yeah right). Between the New Holland Ichabod and Shipyard Pumpkinhead Ale, we're set on pumpkin beers. Crap, now I'm craving one. -- Slash Food
  • Fall also means football season, so whip out those jerseys, hot dogs, and snacks. Here's a great guide to all things football (well, that are food-related), from tailgating in extreme weather to the game-day essentials. -- Epicurious

What's your favorite food-related part of fall?

Image via bucklava/Flickr

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