Budweiser Is Latest Company to Market Crappy Product With Shoddy Marketing Strategy

budweiserHow do you convince customers to eat your disgusting, sodium-laden, bun-less sandwich? You could do what KFC did and parade around young college co-eds wearing the Double Down logo on their rear-ends.

How do you get a younger, hipper audience to drink your watered-down, flavorless beer? Mimic Budweiser's brand-new marketing strategy and offer free samples of the brew to the thirsty under-30 set.

What does it say about young adult Americans that the only ways companies think they can get through to us are "sexy" butt-printed sweat pants and free swill? Are we really this cheap and easy or is it just a week of coincidences?


Budweiser is launching a brand-new "Grab some Buds" ad campaign in an effort to reach a younger, hipper audience, which up to now has been ignoring its brand. The highlight of the effort? A "Budweiser National Happy Hour" in which the company will offer free 6- to 12-oz. samples of its product to customers in some of the nation's trendiest bars and eateries.

I enjoy Budweiser, yet even I think this plan is destined to be an epic fail. Here's why:

For one thing, there are so many trendy craft options available nowadays. It's not that beer drinkers are "unaware" of the Budweiser brand; many of them are choosing more upscale alternatives over an ice-cold Bud simply because it tastes better. Sure free beer tastes great, but what happens when all the samples run out?

Moreover, with all the push to be healthier of late, many beer drinkers are opting for lighter versions. It's difficult to determine how a free sample might change their mind.

How about this, Anheuser-Busch: Instead of pouring energy into promoting a so-so product, why not come up with a better product and maybe then the audience will follow? (And by "better product" we do not mean Shock Top -- c'mon A-B, you can do better than that!)

What do you think about Budweiser's free beer promotion?


Image via kerryvaughan/Flickr

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