The New Weapons of Mass Destruction: Whoppers

WhoppersWhile Michelle Obama works furiously to clean up the bad eating habits of our nation's children, U.S. troops in Afghanistan are getting their Whoppers back because it's good for morale.

Does anyone else see a problem with that? Or at least a contradiction of sorts?

According to an article in Stars and Stripes, the U.S. military has lifted a ban on fast food that had been in place for the past seven months.

The fast food restaurants (Burger King, Pizza Hut, Dairy Queen among them), along with other stores, such as those that sell sunglasses, were originally closed because the former U.S. commander, Gen. Stanley McChrystal, felt they created an "amusement like" atmosphere and the created some logistic problems

I don't know that anyone could create an amusement-like atmosphere in such a war-torn locale, but away went the shops and the fast food.

Now, a new commander is in charge, Sgt. Maj. Marvin Hill, and he has reopened them.


"For troops to be able to go and grab a burger or a piece of chicken or whatever, I don't really think it's that bad," he said.

No, it's not that bad, but is it that necessary?

He's also been quoted as saying it's good for "morale"/.

While I'm sure he's a popular guy with the troops now, what kind of message is that sending about healthy food choices from our U.S. government? That fast food is inspirational and motivational?

I'm all for providing some reminders and comforts of home through things like care packages, videos and letters, but not by plunking down fast food chains in the middle of a war zone.

What about the evils of junk of food and those horrible things it does to our bodies? Shouldn't those on our front lines be pillars of health?

Not that some fries here or there are going to destroy anyone, but the message it sends from our nation's military is a mixed one at best.

I support our troops 100 percent, and I have friends and family who have served and are serving. I know how difficult it is for them to be away and the sacrifices they make. I just don't like the message that we're honoring them with fast food.

Do you think fast food restaurants should be brought back for troops in Afghanistan?

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