Mini Madness: New White Castle Sliders Inspire Fall Football Menus

slidersPerfectly coinciding with football and tailgating season comes an announcement from White Castle that it will be launching three new sliders this fall: the Garlic Cheese Slider, the Mushroom and Garlic Cheese Slider, and the Chicken Marinara Slider.

We don't even have to taste the slider varieties -- although of course we will -- to know that this new promotion will likely be a hit.

Why? Because if there's one thing you can always count on, it's that people go nuts for mini food!


So why are sliders so very intriguing? Besides being adorable, they're also dangerously deceptive: You can eat a mountain of minis and somehow not feel like you're pigging out.

The new offerings at White Castle remind us of the countless ways we can construct a mini sandwich. Here's a few variations on the slider concept -- perfect for your next football party.

Mini filets -- Sliders go upscale with filet medallions and melted butter on crusty bread.

Mini Sloppy Joes -- Easy for a crowd, especially if you make in the Crock-Pot.

Mini meatball heroes -- Top with Parmesan cheese and you've got a party favorite.

Mini lamb sliders -- Sub ground lamb for beef in these tiny patties; then top with tzatziki.

Mini bison burgers -- Bison meat is all the rage -- and healthy to boot!

Mini turkey club burgers -- It couldn't be simpler: turkey burgers topped with bacon, lettuce, and tomato.

Barbecue pulled pork minis -- Simmer a large batch of pulled pork in the slow cooker; then pile high on mini rolls.

Mexican black bean minis -- Don't leave out the veggie-eaters. Top mini black bean burgers with guac and melted Jack cheese.

Chicken teriyaki minis -- A little pineapple is the perfect topping for chicken burger flavored with teriyaki sauce.

White Castle's three new slider varieties will be available from September 26 through October 30.

What's your favorite kind of slider?


Image via Yogma/Flickr

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