KFC Hires Hotties to Promote the Double Down -- In the Most Unexpected Place

kfcI am absolutely appalled by KFC's new Double Down marketing strategy. See if you agree.

The fast food chain has hired female college students to parade around campus wearing red sweatpants with the Double Down logo printed on the backside (refer to visual at right) and hand out KFC gift certificates.

And here's where I take issue with the campaign: The infamous Double Down sandwich is bun-less -- yet, it is being promoted on the derrieres of college co-eds. It's so contradictory! How in the world are we supposed to make sense of it?


Alas, a confusing message isn't the only thing I find wrong with this ad campaign. Rather, it's the use of young women as human billboards with fast food logos plastered to their rear-ends that I find a little less than tasteful.

Still, you've got to hand it to KFC for knowing its audience: The Double Down itself was originally marketed to young men (who else would eat it?), so obviously any corresponding marketing campaign should be expected to follow suit. Plus, this is a company that's not above advertising on fire hydrants and potholes if it helps them to stand out from the crowd. When you look at it through that lens, suddenly strategically placed logos on clothes don't seem so strange ...

Hopefully, however, the chain will be hard-pressed to find participants willing to don these hideous pants. Although, who knows what college co-eds will do for $500 (which is the going rate for this lucrative position)?

And, in the meantime, maybe it can formulate a marketing campaign that actually makes sense.

You stay classy, KFC!

What do you think of the new human billboards?


Image via KFC.com

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