KFC Is Advertising the Double Down on Her WHAT?

We're said to wear our hearts on our sleeves from time to time, but what about brand loyalty on our asses?

That's more or less what KFC is asking female students to do in a new ad campaign targeting their male counterparts on college campuses.

The campaign, which launched in Louisville, Kentucky, this week and will eventually roll out at three additional campuses, outfits female students in red sweatpants that say, "Double Down" on the back. Wearing said attire, the girls hand out KFC gift certificates ... in exchange for (presumably) free pants and a $500 stipend.


In a release, KFC says it's "[enlisting] female undergrads as human billboards," and even makes what I assume cannot be an accidental pun as it references its infamous "bun-less" Double Down sandwich -- you know, the one with "two thick and juicy boneless white meat chicken filets, two pieces of bacon, two melted slices of Monterey Jack and pepper jack cheese, and Colonel's Sauce."

In order to participate, female students must first express their interest on KFC's Facebook page. (Which, incidentally, has over 1.8 million "likes.") I don't know much more about the selection process, but a post from KFC about the new campaign had 65 "likes" as of Tuesday afternoon (interestingly, respondents were about evenly split between men and women). However, I only saw one post from a potential future ambassador expressing her interest.

Given KFC's target audience, I can't say the idea is completely stupid ... although I think the cringe-worthiness factor on behalf of female students everywhere ultimately outweighs any points the company gets for corporate marketing smarts.

What do you think? Does lady-butt advertising equal marketing genius? Or is it a whole new low?

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