Pilgrim Hat Cookies for Thanksgiving

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Need a easy, no-bake Thanksgiving treat to bring to the class party? How about a fun project to entertain the kids' table on the big day? Look no further than these cute Pilgrim Hat Cookies from Taste of Home. You need: fudge-striped cookies, mini peanut butter cups, vanilla frosting tinted with yellow food coloring (to bind the cups to the cookies), and orange mini Chiclets gum for the "buckle." Sure, the kids will love helping to assemble, but I bet they'll love eating these even more!


Pilgrim Hat Cookie Recipe from Taste of Home

1 cup vanilla frosting

7 drops yellow food coloring

32 miniature peanut butter cups

1 package fudge-striped cookie

32 mini orange Chiclets gum


Combine frosting and food coloring. Dip top of peanut butter cup in yellow frosting and position over center hole of cookie, forming the hatband and crown. Add gum as "buckle." Repeat with remaining cookies. Makes 32 cookies.


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Peajewel Peajewel

I am so going to make these.  We are going to Chicago to visit my sister and it is a seven hour drive so these will be perfect to take. 

maisah maisah

Cute... I love the recipes here.. TY for sharing!

Jillr... Jillredroom

I am so making these for our Thanksgiving party with my 19 three year olds.  This will be soooo much fun!

Eeyor... Eeyore3692001

for the ladies saying they were gonna try these. I just saw this last night, went to the store, and made them today, I put a few on a birthday cake I made today, a fall birthday, she loved it. I will have a post with pics in my journal if you ladies are interested. These were a HUGE hit tonight, for my adult friends, AND all the kids. Everyone loved the flavor of them too. However, instead of vanilla, I bought caramel flavored frosting for in between the cookies and peanut butter cups.

Eeyor... Eeyore3692001

OOPS, lol forgot to say thanks CAFEMOM for the wonderful Treat Idea, and Taste of Home.

nonmember avatar Nancy

Thanks for the recipe!! I made these today & am bringing them to Thanksgiving dinner with my boyfriend's family!

Carey... Carey2006

VERY CUTE!!!!!!! I might have to try making these!

Erin O'Gara Reddy

what can you use instead of peanut butter cups for the hat? need peanut free

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