The Best Foods for Drunks

PizzaA town in Ohio is getting the first 24-hour Domino's Pizza in the U.S. -- that means pizza anytime, day or night.

It's located, not surprisingly, by a college.

Because who needs pizza at 5 a.m.?

Drunk people, and let's face it, colleges are full of them.

Now, instead of scrounging up day-old pizza from the closet when they stumble home from frat parties, they can order up a nice hot pie to soak up all that alcohol.

Or for the perfect hangover breakfast, one could have a nice greasy one delivered in order to prevent having to move from one's bed. There are even new breakfast pizzas complete with toppings like sausage and eggs. Brilliant!

Pizza may well be one of the most perfect drunk foods ever, but if your favorite delivery service doesn't cater to your drinking hours, here are few other great drunk foods to try, especially if you're trying to ward off a hangover -- grease and carbs are key.


Mexican -- Whether you run for the border or any old taco joint, all the cheesy, crunchy goodness of tacos, nachos, and those little potato things is always perfect post-party, but particularly apropos after a night of Patron. Just be careful with the level of spice because it could come back to haunt you in the morning.

Chinese Food -- Noodles, rice, won tons, eggs rolls, no matter how crappy the quality, they will make a drunk happy. The use of chopsticks provides plenty of entertainment too.

Burgers and Fries -- Nothing complements a beer buzz like good old American staples, and fortunately for drunks, many a diner and drive-thru is open 24 hours (for a designated driver to drive through, not the drunk).

Breakfast -- Sometimes a big plate of pancakes, bacon, and eggs is just what you need. And for those who party until the morning light, they just may make the first seating as restaurants open their doors for the day.

Donuts -- So, yes, they are a breakfast food, but they're so special they deserve their own separate mention. Generally sweets aren't the stuff of good drunk eating, but when those bright lights are flashing signaling hot ones available, sometimes they're the perfect fix.

Ramen noodles -- As a last resort, Ramen noodles always work in a pinch, and if you have moved beyond your college days (in most ways), they provide a nice side of nostalgia.

Anything you can find in someone else's pantry or refrigerator -- Parents' refrigerators (no matter how old you are) are typically the best, followed by those of your friends and neighbors -- especially after a party when there are leftovers.

There's no scientific proof that eating greasy foods helps prevent hangovers, but millions of drunks who swear by the method can't be wrong. Can they?

What are your favorite foods to eat after a night of drinking?

Image via The Pizza Review/Flickr

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