Google Wants You to Eat It

google makes honeyWhat, you thought Google would be happy just taking over the virtual world? Google is creating something that you can actually touch, smell, and eat with their new "Hiveplex" of bees. Yep, Google is getting into the honey business.

Beehives have been set up at Google's Mountain View, California, offices and employees are learning the fine art of bee keeping and honey harvesting. With the recent devastation of honey bees due to colony collapse, Google is actually living by their "don't be evil" motto by providing a safe haven for the bees and creating fresh raw honey for employees and their on-site kitchen that specializes in local food.

Google is doing a good thing here, and we can only expect bottles of Google honey to start showing up at the Mountain View farmers' market. But I think they should expand their farm to table business. Here are a few suggestions of Google foods I think they should create. Google, you're welcome.



You know Google can program a nice Hungarian mash-up in no time. If they raise their own cows, perhaps they can also change the way we process meat in this country.

Google Brew

I guarantee you there's already a band of Google employees making the home brew. If they perfect their own recipes and then join forces, they'll take over the micro brew world as well.

Google Kugel

They may have missed the high holidays this Jewish calendar year, but Hanukkah is just around the corner.

What kind of food do you want to see Google produce?


Image via austinevan/Flickr


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