Kick Your Starbucks Habit With These Great Coffee Alternatives

starbucks coffee alternativesStarbucks has been annoying lately. They kick a woman out for not using the proper lingo (okay, the woman seems annoying too), they bully a small cafe, and they take the "tall" option off of their drive-thru menu.

You may feel like taking your coffee business elsewhere, and you'd be in good company. But where else can you get a great tasting cup of joe? After all, we've been ruined for the street or deli coffee thanks to the fair trade, deep roast and that delicious million dollar coffee maker.

Never fear, there are fantastic alternatives that I will personally vouch for, having tried their javas and enjoyed the change.

Go here for your next cup of bold:



For anyone who lives, or has visited the west coast you know that Peet's really knows their beans. These guys were mentors to the Starbucks crew, for (ahem) pete's sake! After I left Brooklyn I thought I'd never find something to fill in the hole left by Gorilla, but Peet's is my go-to cup that makes me glad we made the western move.


I was sent a bag of Coco's Bakery organic premium coffee and it replaced my bag of Peet's with no one in the household noticing. Well, of course I noticed since I'm the one that brews, but I quickly forgot thanks to its rich and smooth flavor. Coco's is introducing their fresh new coffee to the bakerys all around the nation so when you stop at the roadside restaurant, you won't try to pull over to a Starbucks first and smuggle in a cup.

Dunkin' Donuts

I remember throw-downs at my Midtown Manhattan office with the Dunkins vs. the Starbucks crews. While I usually landed on the side of the SB, I'll admit when I was looking to save money without sacrificing flavor, I stopped at the Dunkin instead.

Seattle's Best

Assuming we all know that good coffee comes from the Northwest, Seattle's Best is taking any subtlety away from their marketing. For a cup of strong coffee when you're missing your Starbucks jones, this subsidiary of the 'bucks is an excellent, and plentiful, option. Seattle's Best is brewed in offices, grocery stores, convenience stores and other surprising locales all over the nation.


This is the one cup of coffee I haven't tried. I'm taking Kim's word that McCafe really knows their coffee stuff. I will admit they know how to price it, and the taste tests between Starbucks and Mickey D's do tend to favor the clown. Just don't order any artery cloggers with that cup of black coffee, 'kay?

Where do you get your caffeine fix?


Image via Refracted Moments/Flickr

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